Washington Made and Crafted

About us

Why Washington? Easy, because it is where we call home.  We have raised our families here, we work here, and we love that we get to enjoy life here.  Why Us? Well, we won't force you to like us, we simply want to share what we love about Washington and Life.  If you relate in anyway then we hope you will join us and we look forward to getting to know you and your story!

Little more about us....

We are a small family owned business.  We happily produce, and live in Cheney, Washington.  Our goal was to meet all of you at events and markets around this great state this Spring, and launch this brand, but just like the weather in Washington things change, and quickly (Washington quarantined for unforeseeable future) so we shift our focus to try and meet and engage with all of you virtually.  Please, be patient, we are new to this and really just want serve you proud.  

Well, back to work now for us and we look forward to sharing more of what is bound to be an interesting and crazy journey with you all!

Thanks for caring and we will be seeing you soon! (Virtually for now)